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Welcome to the SE District

Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri

This page has been designed to help any garden club member in Southeast District keep in touch with what is going on in the District, State, Region, and Nation concerning garden club. Hopefully this will help with communication between clubs and their Director. If you would like to have any news or information included on this website, please contact me, Nancy Segall

Missed the Garden Forum book? Download it on the State Site Click Here

Flower Show October 20th, 2010 Click Here for info

Central Region Unified Project Deadline...August 31, 2010

Ladies, This is just a gentle reminder that August 31st is the deadline for our Central Region Unified Project to be sent to Mary Ann Meador in Centralia, MO.  Our theme, once again, is "Helping Others Learn to Grow" and I hope some club in your state has taken this seriously and applied their project to the theme.  Remember, MaryAnn needs to make a Book of Evidence from your information and send it on to National for November 15th.  Please don't let her down!  We need ALL 7 states to participate.
Next, another gentle reminder to take your old, cast off containes that you used for flower shows and the like to the Central Region meeting in Wisconsin in October.  The monies realized from selling these will be added to our Scholarship Fund and help some needy student to further his/her education.  Please pass the word to those attending (or not attending) to help us with this project.  Rememb er we don't want plain old floral shop containers.
Thanks and enjoy the rest of your summer.  It's HOT here but's summer! 
Joan Hood


July-August Southeast District Newsletter

            Greetings Gardeners!  I hope your gardens are to the stage of enjoyment on evening or dusky garden tours and continued watering.  Our typical Missouri weather can be described as sultry summer dog days, but we shall prevail.  As my husband likes to say, “In Missouri, if you don’t like the weather, stick around it will change.”  I personally am envisioning the cool fall days ahead.

            We have been a busy group this past month with our July Summer Board Meeting held on July 14 in Cape Girardeau.  This is the meeting where the SE District Chairmen gave their reports.  We had much business concerning Proposals to get our Southeast District By-laws clarified and up-to-date.  Every Garden Club President will receive a copy of the Proposed By-law changes that will be presented to and voted on by each club.  Then at our Fall Annual District Meeting, these recommended changes will be voted on by the Delegates from each club.  

            Our 73rd Annual District Meeting will be held in Charleston with the Molly French Garden Club hosting.  The CALL Letter will be going out to the Garden Clubs soon, so get ready to have a good time on Wednesday, October 20.  This is the meeting where the Garden Club Presidents give their reports and we find out about all the really interesting things our clubs have been doing all year.  We are looking for a big turn-out this year, so come be a part of it!

            SE District Programs Chairman Meleena Byram is putting together a booklet of SE District Garden Club Programs, so Garden Club Presidents, please choose one or two of your Garden Club’s best, most interesting and innovative program and write details including Speaker’s name and title, program title, contact information and other important information pertinent to your program.   Please fill out the President’s Report Form to bring to the meeting to give your report and to share copies.  Please have four (4) copies for the following:  District Director, Recording Secretary, Programs Chairman and Your Garden Club File.

            This year at our Southeast District Meeting, we will have a District Sponsored Small Standard Flower Show entitled “Caring for Our Beautiful Earth.”  All invite all District Meeting all Southeast District Garden Club Members to enter one or two of their best specimens in the following Horticulture Division.  Our Design Division has three classes and something for everyone:

            The Horticulture Division I, the Arboreal Section will include entries for the Classes of Broadleaf Evergreen, Needled Evergreen, Deciduous Trees and Deciduous Shrubs.  In the Section of Perennials, we will have classes of chrysanthemums, asters and any others.  So keep those beautiful plants watered, and we invite you to bring your best sample of your growing talents in a clear bottle or container, appropriately sized.  Entry Cards will be provided previous to the Flower Show so Exhibitors can fill out their cards early.  Elena Perryman is the Horticulture Entries Chairman and she provides our Horticulture Tip for this Newsletter.

            The Design Division II will feature Underwater, Creative and Traditional Designs.  Flower Shows are so beautiful and we all enjoy viewing the beautiful creations of our ‘Designing Women.’  Meleena Byram is the Design Entries Chairman and you may contact her for entering the Design Division.  The Schedule will be sent out with the CALL Letter and also separately to Garden Club Presidents.

            Also, at the SE District Meeting, we will vote on Proposed By-Law Changes to the Southeast District By-Laws.  Garden Clubs need to elect/appoint two voting Delegates, and two Alternates to vote on the adoption of these recommended By-Law Changes by the Executive Board.  I will be sending each Garden Club advance reading of these recommended changes.  Please note on your SE District Registration Form who your Delegates are.           

            September is Membership Month.  What about asking that girlfriend who also likes to garden to come to your meeting so she can see how much fun you have learning about gardening and solving gardening problems?  Many others would like to participate in your Civic Improvement Projects.  Give those gals a call, too.

            August Horticulture Tips from Elena Perryman, SE District Small Standard Flower Horticulture Entries Chairman:

Tip 1:  Ladies, please gather your plant information a week before the Flower Show.  For information on correct botanical nomenclature, see the Flower Show Handbook, Revised 1997, Chapter 4, “Plant Classification and Nomenclature,” pp. 91-97.  The internet is also a good source for plant identification.  Entry Cards will be sent out to the Garden Club Presidents, so please have your Entry Cards filled out when you get to the Flower Show.

Tip 2:  Practice cutting and conditioning your specimens a week in advance.  This will let you know how well your specimen/s will hold up for the show.  Cutting, conditioning, grooming and staging information can be found in the Flower Show Handbook, Revised 1997, Chapter 5, page 100.

            Garden Club Presidents:  Please copy and share this information with your Garden Club members at your next Garden Club Meeting.  Thank you!  

Nancy Bahn
Southeast District Director  


Southeast District Chairmen Reports

Sheila Blackwell
Habitat Chairperson 

     The Nancy Weber Garden Club of Farmington has enjoyed landscaping eight Habitat for Humanity homes in St.. Francois County for the past seven years.  Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian housing ministry that builds, renovates, and repairs houses in partnership with people in need of adequate housing.  These people are selected locally by Habitat groups based on their need for housing, ability to repay a no-profit loan, and a willingness to partner with Habitat to help build and repair additional houses.  Mainly because of that willingness to work, the Nancy Weber members felt that a Habitat home recipient would truly appreciate and maintain our landscaping efforts.  That has been so very true!  The new homeowners have been as delighted as our club has!  Naturally we felt the plantings were the “icing on the cake!”  And in addition to the joy our members gained, we hoped we had created and inspired future gardeners.

      We would like to encourage other clubs to try this project—we believe you will find it rewarding and add beauty to your community.  To encourage your club even more, matching grants are available to help buy your plants—how amazing is that?  For more information on the grants, please contact Marty Tolle at 417.934.6497 or

We will be asked at the end of the year to report on Habitat for Humanity Projects with which your garden club has been involved.  Please report this information to me, so that I may get a count for our Southeast District.   Then I will forward it to the State Chairman Marty Tolle.  Thank you.  

Sheila Blackwell 
2750 Blomeier Road
Farmington, MO  63640

Poplar Bluff Garden Club Quilt

The Poplar Bluff Garden Club is planning to raffle off this quilt made by the club.

* Date is the same every year Dates to Remember for 2010
January 10
* Deadline: President's Report to DISTRICT DIRECTOR and to STATE Club Ratings Chrmn, Carolyn Doyle
January 15

* Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl contests to STATE Chrmn Rochelle Murdock

January 25

* Club Publicity Press books to Nancy Senter, 882 Heather Ln, Hazelwood MO 63042, 314-521-6534

February 1

Deadline: Club Yearbooks to DIST. DIR., DIST Awards Chrmn, FGCM President, and STATE Club Programs Chrmn., Carolyn Flynn

March 1
Deadline: Scholarship Applications to Scholarship Chrmn, Alice Hansen
March 22
Scholarship Committee Meeting, Holts Summit
March 21

*Bird Appreciation Day (Missouri)

March 23-25
Environmental Studies School, Series 2, NGC Hdqtrs, St. Louis, Chrmn. Sue Reed 636-220-4143, or Cherie Bauman 314-846-5622
April 2
Arbor Day *(In Missouri--first Friday of April, p.13 FGCM Manual)
April 15-18
Dogwood/Azalea Festival, Charleston
April 22-24
FGCM State Convention, MCD, Chesterfield, MO, Doubletree Hote l& Conference Center
April 24
Blue Star Memorial Dedication, New Melle, (MCD)
May 14-16
NGC Convention,  Atlanta, GA
May 15
Small Flower Show, Oakcrest G.C. (ECD)
June 6-12
National Garden Week *(First full week in June)
June 18
 Landscape Design Refresher, Columbia, MO (Marie Pasley, 573-474-5245)
June 27
Bittersweet G.C. City-wide Garden Tour, Jefferson City, (CD)
July 1
*Deadline: Sanctuary & Blue Bird Trails application to DIST. Bird Chmn
August 12-22
Missouri State Fair, Sedalia
August 18
FGCM Federation Day at MO State Fair *(Wed. of full week of St. Fair)
Sept 8

Standard Flower Show, Four Winds G.C. (ECD), Long View Park, Town & Country

Sept 8

SCD, Fall District Meeting, Marshfield

Sept 9
SWD, Fall District Meeting, Springfield
Sept 10
CD, Fall District Meeting, Fulton
Sept 11
WCD, Fall District Meeting, Raytown
Sept 16
NWD, Fall District Meeting, Rocheport
Sept 23-26
NGC Fall Board Meeting, Great Falls, Montana
Oct 15
*Deadline: Edna Fischer Membership Award application due
October 4-5
Central Region Meeting, Elkhart Lake, WI
October 18
NED Fall Meeting, Clarksville
October 19
MCD, Fall District Meeting, St. Charles
October 20
SED, Fall District Meeting, Charleston
October 20

*Deadline:  Butterfly/Hummingbird Certificate to FGCM Chrmn. Sherry Wilson

October 21
ECD, Fall District Meeting, St. Louis
October 22
NCD, Fall District Meeting, Macon
November 1

* Deadline:  Dist. and State dues to DIST. and FGCM Treasurers (along w/ contributions)

November 1

*Deadline: All youth contests to DIST. Chairman or DIST. Director (except Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl contest)

Nov 7-9

FGCM Fall Board Meeting, Capitol Plaza Hotel., Jefferson City

December 1

*Deadline: All youth contests to their respective STATE Chairman   (except Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl contest)Essay: Judy Green
Poetry: Pat Schnarr
Natl. H.S. Distinguished Award: Melissa Mallinson

December 1

*Deadline: All youth contests to their respective FGCM Chairman
                             (except Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl contest)
Essay:  Beth Cross
Poetry:  Pat Schnarr
Natl. H.S. Distinguished Award:  Melissa Mallinson

December 1

*Deadline: All Books of Evidence to one of the following FGCM Awards Chairmen:
A.  FGCM Flower Show Awards (F-1 - F16) to Kathy Faver
B.  FGCM Projects Awards (P-1 - P-29) to Anne Foust
C.  FGCM Special Awards (S-1 - S-10) to Nancy Senter, 882 Heather Ln, Hazelwood, MO 63042
D.  FGCM Youth Awards (J-1 - J-3) to Nancy Senter

December 1 *Deadline: Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl entries to DISTRICT Chrmn or DISTRICT  Director
December 20

*Deadline: All Holiday Flower Show Books of Evidence to STATE Flower Show Awards Chrmn., Kathy Faver (Year 2010)

December 20

*Deadline: Award of Honor nominations to Chrmn, Maisie Keeser

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